Drumroll for… the Baker 8 ‘Rescue in the Rockies’ Cover!

It’s here!

Rescue in the Rockies, known for a long time as simply Baker 8, has a cover that I’m excited to share with you 🙂

Without further ado —

Available for pre-order from Grace & Truth Books: https://graceandtruthbooks.com/product/rescue-in-the-rockies-baker-family-adventures-book-8/

What is the story about? Here’s how the back cover describes it:

It’s springtime and the Bakers are living the dream. Abby is helping her grandparents set up a guest ranch, Phil is visiting Spain, and Andy and Tom are on the farm entertaining three visitors from Scotland. Mr. Baker suggests a road trip to the guest ranch in Wyoming—what better opportunity for Fergus, Dougal, and Wylie to work hard, meet cowboys, and see the West? The lads are all for it and embrace their new surroundings with gusto, while the Bakers get the chance to re-forge bonds with Grandpa and Grandma Baker.

Mustangs, cattle, and roping lessons fade into the background when Jigson arrives, asking Abby to help identify a woman she met in Iceland once before. Meanwhile, Phil seems to offend Briosa at every turn, and Andy catches sight of Fergus’s growing inner turmoil about where he belongs in the world.

When Fergus feels himself being cornered into a future he doesn’t want, he snaps into the survival instincts he knows so well, seizing the opportunity to live wild in the mountains before anyone can stop him. Unbeknown to him, someone is hunting him down to offer a glimmer of hope that is as appealing as it is dangerous—but will it truly give rest to his soul and end his desperate attempts to be free? Or will it push him farther away from what he yearns for … the only home that can ever satisfy him?

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm about this release, and your special words and notes over the years.

May you be richly blessed today in Him!


C. R. Hedgcock

20 thoughts on “Drumroll for… the Baker 8 ‘Rescue in the Rockies’ Cover!

  1. WAHOO!!!!!!
    Oh my word….sounds super intriguing!! Lots of conflict, lots of mystery, lots of action…the Bakers are at it again! ❤ ❤
    You're doing a Fantastic job, Caitlyn!!! Thank you for your continued and dedicated work to provide wholesome Christian, God-glorifying fiction in such a dark world. Such a blessing & an encouragement!! You definitely inspire me.
    May the Lord return manifold blessings upon you for your service for Him!! ❤

  2. Awesome cover!! Very nice covers!! And it sounds so interesting!! I really like how many characters return from other books! This sounds like one of the best books ever!! And Abby’s double is like TERRIBLY exciting since I’ve always really like and was intrigued by that! I can not wait!!

  3. How exciting!!! 😀 I love the cover–it may just be one of my favourites from the series!!! The covers go so nicely together. I know there will be some excited siblings in my house! Praying for the release to go smoothly.

  4. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo excited!!!!! And you say it’s the longest!!!???!! AWESOME!!!!! I own and have read the series multiple times and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! I hope there are many more to come!!!!

  5. So Excited!!!!!!! My little brother loves these books and was so excited when I told him you finished another one!
    Intrigued about the lads from Scotland, can’t wait to see that played out!! My friends and I are all speculating about who the woman from Iceland is 😀 😉
    Thank you for what you’re doing with this series! It’s very refreshing to both be reading about a whole family, and to read a genre that almost no one in the Christian Fiction world has touched.

    God Bless you!

  6. Fergus is a great character, and one of my favorite’s. But I don’t like the fact that he’s tied in with Alistair. I think that Alistair is a crook because it sounds like he aided in the Glen graduation assignment to steal the submarine.

  7. This is really exciting! I just finished reading through the series for the third time and I found lots of questions with no answers, so I hope I find out more in this book! So many small mysteries that tie together and really make a fantastic book!

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