Book Plates & “Hunting” Kindle Sale

Dear Readers,

Since my last post, I’ve opened an Etsy store to stock signed book plates! These are in the place of autographed books, which can sometimes be a little tricky to arrange getting from me to you.

Here’s the link to where they are available:

Hunting in the Highlands is on sale on Kindle for $2.99 if you’d like to catch up on the Bakers’ (and Freylads’ [yay!]) adventures before Rescue in the Rockies! (HERE for Amazon US) and (HERE for Amazon UK).

The Kindle version of Rescue will be available on Kindle soon, too.

These are some Scripture references that were inspirational to the story and quotes from the story itself. You can find more on my social media accounts (or let me know if I should rather post them here for you!) πŸ™‚

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