Announcing Baker 7

“What is she doing?” Andy asked in a furtive whisper, leaning close to Abby and Phil.

Abby studied the object of his attention for a moment, then pursed her lips. “I know that far-away look.”

They turned to look again at the person staring out the window, her fingers frozen over a keyboard while a wreath of steam curled up from an untouched mug beside her.

Phil glanced at his siblings meaningfully. “I think we can guess what’s going on.”

Andy’s cheek rose in a lopsided grin, and Abby caught the glint in his eyes.

Phil summed up the twins’ thoughts, fears, and excitement in one steady sentence–but even his voice had a thrill of expectancy as he spoke.

“I think she’s sending us on another adventure.”


That’s right! Baker #7 is underway!

The planning stage for this story is about finished, and actual chapters are appearing. 🙂

I’m really excited to follow the characters on this next installment of the Bakers’ escapades. It’s not usual for me to release many details about my works-in-progress, but I’d love your input on this one. Who are you most anxious to see return? What burning questions were you left with after Iceland Intrigue?

Though the flow of a story often changes within the process of writing and re-writing, my current plan involves:

  • A man-hunt in the Scottish wilds
  • Horse-riding, a castle, and a mystery at a hunting lodge
  • Unraveling the secret of Jigson’s first name
  • Tom getting a little more involved in the action
  • Maybe a little falconry?
  • The return of a character we haven’t seen in a while

Now it’s over to you. While I can’t include every suggestion, I’d love to hear what you dream the Bakers would do next. Maybe a few of your ideas could make it into the final version . . . ? Let me know your thoughts!


Photo: Sorin Tudorut

171 thoughts on “Announcing Baker 7

  1. I just re-realized that Haelix is not actually Jigson’s real name! Dainn says something like, “It’s a pity that you won’t join me. There would have been a time to learn the meaning of your name. Why it was changed to Haelix when you were a young boy.”
    After being curious about Jigson’s name, finding out that his name is Haelix, and then finding out that his name actually isn’t Haelix, I’m curious again as to what his name really is. 🙂
    Will this be a secret that will eventually be unwrapped, Miss Hedgcock, or will it be one of the things that stay undercover forever?

    • I think Helix is his real official name, because when your name is changed, what it’s changed to becomes your real name. Although, I would like to know what his original name was and why it was changed. (people don’t usually changes their child’s name for no reason) What ever it is, Jigson seems to have a lot of names!

  2. One more question that has been driving me crazy!!! WHO IS ABBY’S DOUBLE??!!!!!! How did Miss Verton get enough time to arrange the switch in Harpa?

    • 😀 Great question. I won’t go into too much detail, but Miss Verton’s doings and whereabouts are not clear during the time of Abby’s foray downstairs. Also remember that she provided Abby’s outfit, and therefore knew exactly what Abby would look like at Harpa …

  3. Just wondering, did Guðmundor suspect that Jigson was Jigson? It almost seemed like it when he meets up with the rest of the family at the volcano again (sorry, I don’t remember the quote as I just lent the book out to a friend).

      • After. It’s the non-speaking portion between when he says that Abby is in good hands and whatever he says after that.
        (Another question: Dr. Roth said that Miss Verton sold Jigson to the highest bidder, wouldn’t more of his enemies know that he was still alive? I know she planted him, but I can’t imagine that she only ‘advertised’ him to Sigurd. Maybe I’m wrong…)

      • Guðmundor shifted the Winchester on his shoulder. “I am sure she is fine, and in good hands.” There seemed to be something in his face that meant he knew more than he was letting on. (pg. 400)

      • I have book 6 with me and I think I have the answer to your question, Kenleaf. Take a look at page 348. (It’s in chapter 39, Walking-Stick Duel)

        Guðmundur grunted again, probably realizing that referred to him. “I know you from somewhere.”

        Jigson drew himself up to full height and screwed the handle back onto the walking stick. “Yes. It’s been along time since I was last an old man,” he muttered.

        After looking at that, I think that Guðmundur probably recognized him around this time in the story.

  4. I would love to see Emily, Seth, John, Laura and the rest back in the picture a bit! I’ve missed them! 🙂
    I’m SO EXCITED about the new book! When the last book ended I was so sad we didn’t get to see more of the Baker’s and Jigson together, so more of that would be awesome too!

  5. I love your books so much! Iceland Intrigue is my favorite so far, but I think this one will be my new favorite since it takes place in Scotland. I love Scottish history and have a lot of ancestors from Scotland. Also, I am going to be visiting Scotland this summer so I will be able to picture the events and sights this new book better. I love the ideas other readers have had about including facts and history about William Wallace. I can’t wait to read the new book!

  6. I know this has nothing to do with Baker #7 but I have a proposition. I have reason to believe that Miss Verton, after purchasing Haelix, erased his memories of the time he spent in her company. That may explain why Haelix says he doesn’t remember anything, and why he was unconscious.

    Oh, and my sister and I can’t agree; Is Haelix pronounced Hay•lix or He•lix?

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