Update: Giveaway Time!

Remember the giveaway of 2 copies of the Bakers’ brand-new adventure in Scotland?

There’s good news — given the amount of interest in the giveaway, we’ve decided to add an extra copy of Baker #7! So now there are THREE copies to be given away; two to US entrants, and one to UK entrants!

The deadline for entries is Thursday 12 October at midnight GMT.

To enter, simply:

1. Subscribe to my email newsletter (one entry)
2. Like C. R. Hedgcock on Facebook (one entry)
3. Share this giveaway on Facebook (one entry)


25 thoughts on “Update: Giveaway Time!

  1. I’m subscribed. We live in the United States. Not able to do a like on Facebook since I don’t have an account there…

    Can’t wait for your newest book!

  2. Could you in one book reveal which state the Bakers live in?Also maybe Abby needs to have a problem or struggle she overcomes in a book or maybe Mrs. and Mr.Baker.Phil does in 6 and Andy in 3.

    I’m so excited!!! I really LOVE these books. How many more books will you be writing in the Baker Series? Is this the last one? Have you considered writing another series? I can’t wait for the for the title to be announced for book 7!

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