Hunting in the Highlands is LIVE on Kindle!

Happy 1st day of the last month of the year! How has 2017 flown so fast? … What would you say is your favourite event or memory of the year so far?

Because it’s the 1st of December, that also means it’s the first day that Baker Family Adventures: Hunting in the Highlands is available on Kindle!  Amazon US   |   Amazon UK

(And because I have to include a campfire picture to match the “kindle” concept… here’s a little quote. 🙂 )

The fire glowed merrily, warming Abby’s nose and fingers as she cradled a carved wooden bowl in her hands. She wished that the fire’s warmth would penetrate her boots and thaw her feet, and also wished that there was salt or honey or cream to embellish the porridge the lads had made as soon as they discovered that Fergus had brought oats back. Some dark blue berries were mixed in for flavor, but they tasted like they were over-ripe and at the end of their season. ~ Chapter 21, Hunting in the Highlands

168 thoughts on “Hunting in the Highlands is LIVE on Kindle!

  1. Did anyone ever notice that page 179 of Summer of Suspense, Jigson says, “I had dear grandparents, but I don’t know… what has become of them.”?
    It seems like there is some kind of story behind his grandparents that hasn’t been told yet. They have never been mentioned again, from what I can remember.

    • I was thinking the same thing! My sister seems to think his grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Hill, but I don’t think that’s likely.

      • Probably not. I would think they would be too young to be his grandparents… 🙂
        It would be so cool if they could be alive though. I just hope they’re not bad guys! 😉 I feel so bad for Jigson! His two (known) surviving relatives just happen to be two of his enemies that he is working against.

      • Good point. After the academy silenced Jigson’s parents, they could have tried to get rid of his grandparents as well. I would prefer to think that they did not meet the same fate, however, and that they are still alive somewhere…

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