Trip to Barcelona

Earlier this summer, we were privileged to head on a family vacation to Barcelona, the capital of the region in Spain known as Catalonia. The trip was special to me for a few reasons, one of which being a return to the locale of my latest book, Prisoner of the Pyrenees. As we walked the streets exuding old-world charm, I could just imagine the feisty girl Briosa feeling right at home. And, having done as many Spanish lessons as possible before leaving, I felt at least a little prepared to be useful in asking directions.

Barcelona is positioned between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains on the north-east coast of Spain. It benefits from fantastic weather and is close enough to England to be only a few hours’ flight away.

IMG_1653 We only had a few days in which to cram everything we wanted to see, and certain things stood out as the highlights.


First, the basilica Sagrada Família. Construction began in 1882 under Antoni Gaudí, and it’s still not finished. What a beauty! The architectural design is packed with symbolism, and the inside is crafted to look like a forest. (See right)

IMG_1464 IMG_1472

Second, Parc Güell. We learned a lot about Gaudí on this trip, and came to appreciate his style (pioneering in the 1800s) of using curving lines and taking inspiration from nature.


Breakfast with this view — ah! This was taken from the top of Parc Güell, one of Gaudi’s architectural marvels.

Third, food markets and avocado & hazelnut ice-cream!

IMG_1674 IMG_1675IMG_1660_2


Fourth, the coffee. It is small, but boy is it potent! IMG_1463

Fifth, the people. They are friendly and willing to help out when they can — even if that means a game of hand signs because of the language barrier.

Sixth, the language. It’s true that Spanish is spoken there, but Catalan is preferred.

I could go on and on; instead I’ll leave you with more pictures.


Xocolata amb Xurros ! I absolutely had to try these while there.

P1160929 P1160962

We had an amazing time together. Barcelona is a great place, and I hope to see more of Spain in the future!


 S. D. G.,

 ~ C. R. Hedgcock

The pictures in this post are my own; please do not use them without permission. Thank you!

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