BIG NEWS for the Baker books!

Today I have the opportunity to share a closer look at a BIG EVENT that took place last week. If you don’t yet know what that is, keep reading!


The Baker Family Adventures series started as a Creative English project in my teen years. The first book took a long time and was much harder work than I’d ever imagined writing to be . . . yet having a completed novel was rewarding and a joy of accomplishment.

Still viewing the book as a project, I guessed I might self-publish it for the laugh of seeing it bound and on my shelf, and perhaps for the perusal of a few friends and family. My parents helped to expand my vision, prompting me to look further and ask the Lord if He had plans for the story of two girls on a horsey adventure—plans that might involve reaching more people than my immediate circle. Not even my imagination had stretched to the possibility that my project could become commercially available. Published. For sale. A real book! Yet that is exactly what happened. Recounting this, I can still hardly believe it.

End of backstory]

Since the series went out of print at the end of 2013, by then a collection of four books, I have had the privilege of learning many things and getting a closer connection with readers. What an encouragement every piece of fan-mail has been; every message, note, comment, and even handwritten letter reminding me of the families who have actually read what I’ve typed.

It’s been an interesting in-between season. Though I haven’t really felt able to call myself an “author,” I’ve been able to gain a greater appreciation for the people behind the figures, communicate directly with them, and experience help and warmth from other writers. I’ve been traveling to further places, working at part-time businesses, and sharpening my pen on other projects. The Baker books haven’t been in wide circulation, but I feel like I have. (For an introvert, that’s quite something. : ) I’m still making progress on that score.)

A few months ago, I received an email from a publisher interested in talking about the series. As I looked over the company’s website, I realized what an honour it was for me to have been contacted by them and not the other way around. My excitement was compounded when I was told that the books are frequently mentioned at homeschool conventions, as missed by many. That is a treasure to any writer’s heart.

Fast-forward to this month, and I am thrilled to announce that the Baker Family Adventures, including #5, Prisoner of the Pyrenees, have a NEW PUBLISHER. Their new house is Grace and Truth Books (here). The website features many books I’d love to read myself—if you have a minute, take a look!

Lord willing, the Baker series will be available in plenty of time for Christmas, and I am filled with gratitude and excitement for the blessing of a new chapter.

“Oh, sing to the LORD a new song! For He has done marvelous things” ~ Psalm 98:1

One thought on “BIG NEWS for the Baker books!

  1. thank you for sharing the good news. I hope this will help you to start, finish, and hopefully publish the sixth book. My sisters and I are waiting for it. I have written short stories but never a book. I have a couple books/ long stories in my head, but I haven’t really done much research. I started the first chapter of a book that I may email to you when I finish it to see if you like the story. Right now I am in my sophomore year of college for Elementary Education so it is kind of hard to find time to keep writing my book:) In Christ, Kaitlyn

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