Cyber Monday FREE Kindle ebook and Iceland cover reveal!

For the first time, Prisoner of the Pyrenees, Book 5 in the Baker Family Adventures Series, is FREE for download as a Kindle ebook! Offer ends November 30, so be sure to grab this opportunity while you can! Available on here and here.


Re-live the Spanish adventure and be ready to unravel the intrigue that the Bakers face  in Iceland two months later!

TODAY ONLY, pre-order the paperback 6-book set for 50% off at Grace & Truth Books! Includes brand-new adventure Iceland Intrigue!


“‘Iceland Intrigue’ by C.R. Hedgcock is the sequel to ‘Prisoner of the Pyrenees’ and it is the best book in the series so far! It’s the perfect blend of action and suspense. I couldn’t tear myself away from the book! I HIGHLY recommend it!” —Rebekah J.

“If your favorite books are full of action, suspense, and intriguing mystery then this book will definitely pique your interest. … [T]he story will captivate you. In the midst of some challenging trials, the characters continue to trust the Lord and rise above their circumstances. Congratulations to author C.R. Hedgcock for another inspiring book. I’m looking forward to the next one!” Elizabeth G.

When Phil Baker has trouble with an invention he’s building for a competition, Detective Mortimer arranges a meeting for him with a mysterious and brilliant inventor who may have the solution. The only catch is that reclusive Sigurd lives in Iceland . . . in hiding.

Phil, grieving the loss of a friend, is more determined than ever to keep his family out of an adventure—but when they discover an organization with a machine that can trigger natural disasters, they know they’ve landed right in the middle of one. The organization leader says he wants to help the world, but with an old enemy at his right hand, his claim is hard to believe.

If the Bakers foil the plan of one villain, could they be furthering the plans of a worse one? How does Sigurd know so much about both of them? With the organization on the brink of unleashing destruction in a land of fiery volcanoes, and the future of the world at stake, the Bakers have to beat the countdown of “Earthquake The 2nd” and find out how much of the situation they understand . . . and how much is still intrigue.

View on Goodreads or pre-order on the Grace & Truth Books website!

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