Behind the Scenes – Iceland Intrigue

The inspiration for Iceland Intrigue started with a dream to visit the small island smack halfway between the Arctic and northern Atlantic Oceans.

Visiting Iceland became one of those “someday” dreams that was always in the back of my mind. I felt confident, and dearly hoped, it would come to pass at some point in  the future … but this was not to be a dream I would have to hold on to for very long. Friends of ours traveled overseas last summer and had Iceland as a stopover destination. When they returned, they enthralled us with tales of their time there.

“Just go,” they said. “It’s so close. Just go there.”

And within two days, my mother and I had our plane tickets booked.


I’m not sure who to credit for this photo; but thank you to whoever took it!

We were really blessed to be able to see almost everything I’d planned to visit for book research. This added a whole new dimension to the chapters I would pen on my return. Not only could I research information online about history, culture, architecture, and landscape–but I could also refer back to photos and memories of actually experiencing those things.

Here are a few such photos for your reference. I hope they will give you a taste of Scandinavian culture, and enhance your mental picture of the action in the book. 🙂



Roughly pronounced “Huh-tl-grims-kir-kya.” This Lutheran church is a landmark in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. Its design is based on the look of naturally occurring basalt columns.


Geothermal energy


Steam clouds the paths and hiking trails, with sometimes only a thin cord to keep walkers out of bubbling, 100C puddles on either side. This is the trail to the hot spring in Hveragerdi, a popular spot for a swim. The river is a nice, toasty temperature, with some spots further upstream being too hot to handle.




Iceland is home to some of the most majestic waterfalls in the world. Skogafoss (above) is breathtakingly magnificent, and Seljalandsfoss is one which walkers can get behind.



The glass outer shell of the Harpa building.

As soon as I stepped inside the magnificent Opera House and looked out on the second-level view, I knew it would have to be the setting for some important part of Iceland Intrigue. Its architecture is so unusual, and its atmosphere so intriguing, that it’s not the kind of building one can quickly forget.

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3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Iceland Intrigue

  1. Hi! I read Iceland Intrigue and loved it!!!! It was just as good as I expected it to be and sooo much better!! 😀 Thanks so much for another awesome book!!

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