Hey from the USA!


It’s hard to believe that in less than two weeks, I’ve flown, driven, and walked almost 5,000 miles, setting foot in Canada, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. I’ve met a lot of warm and welcoming people, with charming accents and new turns of phrase.

Here are a few snapshots of my time so far!


Notice the trusty writer’s notebook sticking out of my pocket in the cave photo? πŸ˜€ The light was not conducive to note-taking, but I managed to scribble down some facts!

Is anyone attending the Teach Them Diligently conference in Nashville on Thursday? Let me know; it would be great to see you there πŸ™‚

109 thoughts on “Hey from the USA!

  1. So awesome, thanks, Miss Hedgcock! So you visited the Creation Museum and the ark encounter? Awesome! I have always wanted to go there…

  2. Amazing! You went to the ark and creation museum? I went to the museum about five years ago, and it’s still like I went yesterday. What was your favourite stop so far? Love the pictures!

  3. So glad you’re traveling our country Caitlin!! When you said you were going on a research adventure I didn’t consider the possibility that you might be coming here… but a very fitting choice, since the Bakers are American πŸ˜„. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  4. Wow! So cool. I’m glad you visited the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. I’m so excited that you went to America. I wish I could go to the conference but I live in North Carolina and we don’t have time to come.

  5. Oh cool! So I’m guessing you saw the ark encounter and Creation Museum. And Washington D.C. That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love the pictures. I had no idea you were in America. We live pretty close to the Ark though I’ve only been there once. Did you like it? I think it is amazing to walk around a huge ark and imagine what it must have been like for Noah and his family! Where else are your travels taking you? What cave are you in in the last picture?

    • I’m glad to hear that so many of you have been to the Ark and/or Creation Museum — I was impressed by both of those places and would recommend them to anyone travelling in Kentucky! You’re right, Andy, it was an amazing experience. The last picture was taken in the beautiful depths of Mammoth Cave.

  7. I just looked up the conference in Nashville and saw one of the speakers was Chuck Black. I love his books. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go:(

  8. I know I’m restating I don’t know how many people, but YOU GOT TO GO TO THE ARK ENCOUNTER???
    I’ve been to the Creation Museum twice, but not the Ark Encounter – yet.
    What was your favorite park of it?

    • I so want to go to the creation museum and ark encounter! Sadly since I am in the UK it isn’t the easiest thing in the world…

      • Isabelle you are lucky. We were going to go when it opened then my Mom had a really awful miscarriage. πŸ˜” I don’t think are family will be going anytime soon unfortunately. ….

      • Oh, Jac! I’m so sorry to hear that! May God continue to remind you of His everlasting, never failing love, His faithfulness, and that His mercies are new every morning.

      • Thank you all for your prayers. God has definitely walked our family thro the high waters recently. But we have grown and learned a lot and just when you think you can’t hear anymore bad news God’s mercy grabs you and pulls you tro.

  9. Yes so I have three favourite present-day authors. I have a lot of favourite dead ones, but I don’t think I’ll be meeting some of them any time soon:) My favourites are:
    Miss Hedgcock
    Douglas Bond
    John J. Horn

  10. Thanks for the update, I recognized the Creation Museum and the Ark…my family and I have been to the Museum a couple of times and look forward to going to the Ark soon. By the way, did you say Americans have accents???

    And all this time I thought I was the only crazy Chuck Black fan! My brother and I love his books.

    Enjoy your travels!

  11. Wow, that’s exciting that you’re here in the USA! I was hoping that’s where it would be! It looks like you visited some really neat places. I’m envious that you got to go to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter; I’ve been wanting to go there for ages! All the pictures are really neat; thanks for the update!

    • Yes, I love Tennessee and wish I lived there. That is why one of my book series takes place in a fictional town of Mountain Heights in Tennessee.

      • I’m definitely biased to my own home state, LOL. I set my story there! Idaho is really pretty awesome! I do want to goto Tennessee though!

      • I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska! I love the north snowy regions, and one of the reasons I love Idaho so much is because there are so many mountains and tons of snow! I am definitely a cold/winter/ice person!

      • Haha! I know people like that, though my whole family has to like it since we live in the mountains anyways. Both of my parents grew up in this kind of weather so it runs in my blood!

  12. I am constantly running out of books. I look everywhere for new good christian books. Apparently I’m not very good at looking. Anybody have any good book suggestions?

  13. Do you know John J Horn? Or E.D.E.N. Southworth? She is dead now, but her books are amazing. If you have ever heard of Lamplighter Books, they publish a few of hers. Also F. M. Kingsley who wrote Prisoners of the Sea. That’s a real mystery one!

  14. If anyone follows Miss Hedgcock any more I’m reminding y’all to give her a 5-star review everywhere you can on EVERY book. Please, PLEASE do it.

  15. Quick question for anyone who has read John J Horn’s books. In Boy Colonel Dilworth the yankee is “down” and Mark Preston has a nasty gash on his cheek(Pg. 341). I read the review for the third book and from what I could tell Dilworth was still alive and Mark was dead. Of course it may have been a misprint in the book or the book review may have left out crucial stuff…….. If anyone has an idea of what happened I would appreciate it. Thx.

  16. Hello, my name is Aubrey and I had a couple questions about Hunting In The Highlands,

    What is Jigson’s real name? I thought it was Haelix.
    What is Miss Verton’s real name?
    Is Rolf a Christian or becoming one?
    Does Jigson tell Alistar more about Jesus?

    I really, REALLY love your books and have all of the Baker series. Thank you for writing them!

  17. Are you writing an eighth book? If so, when will it be published? These books are my favorite series and I rarely read anything else, I just never get tired of them and have read each book at least 5 times through.

  18. Bless you all for your comments; I appreciate you getting in touch with me and writing to one another with grace, consideration, and friendship! I hope to be ‘around’ a little more now! πŸ™‚

  19. I just found this website the other day and was excited to see that you had posts on here to tell about your writing adventures. I probably was reading the other ones for an hour!

  20. The other day I was wondering if you had another book or were writing one, so I looked up “baker family adventure books” and found this website.

  21. Can’t wait for the eighth book!! I got Summer Of Suspense for my tenth birthday, and then read the next three with my mom. Then in 2015, I got the fifth book for Christmas. Since then, I’ve gotten another of the books for Christmas each year, and each time, I had absolutely no idea that there was another one! I had thought that Iceland Intrigue was the last one, so last year when I got Hunting in the Highlands, that was really,really exciting!

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