Hey From the USA! Part 2

I’m sorry it’s been such a long while! As my trip progressed I decided to invest myself in ‘living’ it because it was a limited thing I could share with you all afterward. The title of this post isn’t accurate, as I’m well and truly back home, but it had a nice ring to it and it’s the sort of post I was meaning to write while I was away.

Where did I finish last time? Ah, that’s right. Canada, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, by way of the Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, and Mammoth Cave.


I had the chance to explore the KY and TN State Capitols, attend a history tour where I met one of YOU lovely commenters by ‘accident’ πŸ˜‰ in the Lord’s providence, and do a book signing at the Teach Them Diligently convention, where I met fellow-author Bekah O’Brien and her siblings!


Next up was Georgia and then a ranch in Missouri. Stay tuned for more pictures!



60 thoughts on “Hey From the USA! Part 2

  1. It sounds like so much fun to travel around the USA like you did! I am excited that the Baker’s next adventure will be in America. Our family has wanted to go to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter for a while, but since we live in Texas and have seven people in our family, it can be a challenge to go places that are out-of-state, especially with 5 and 2 year old boys!

  2. Do you have a certain number of books you are planning to write in this series, or are you just going to keep on until you run out of ideas?

  3. Wow! Thanks for the update, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself over here. I just noticed the way you stacked Hunting in the Highlands on your table and I have to say that is really cool. You were right next to Chuck Black? Awesome! Can’t wait for more pics, especially of the ranch.

  4. Yay! Thanks for the update! Your books were right next to “Kingdom tales” we love that book in our house! I also enjoy Chuck Black’s books!

  5. Becca O’Brien and I met there too, and it was so funny to find out we had both met you at the same time! God works in amazing ways, doesn’t He? πŸ™‚

  6. Wow!! Looks like a ton of fun! Looking forward to more pictures…… πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀
    You're doing a fantastic job… Keep writing for the glory of our Lord!

    • Hi Aubrey, yes! You did spell it right πŸ™‚ I don’t have a consistent posting schedule, though that would be great, because I’ve been writing one book per year for the last few years and it’s a lot of writing to keep up with!

  7. I have just suffered the most traumatic experience ever at the hands of paperback. I am very upset. Needless to say, I have been crying most of the morning and wishing I had never heard of John Horn. Just finished his series and, lets just say, I have never read anything so heartbreaking. I have never cried reading books but I definitely did with this one. Wow. I am still trying to get over the shock. (sniff, sniff, sob. Several seconds of all out crying)

    • I know what that’s like….I just cried for the first time, I mean TRULY cried reading a biography of Lafayette. His wife, my favorite character, died in the most emotional, chapter-long death scene ever.

    • I KNOW! I cried at that book it was sooooo sad! You should of seen my best friend after she read the last one! I mourned for months it was very traumatic, one of my friends did want to rewrite it! maybe it will be explained in book four…I hope!

    • And do you have any ideas for an eighth book yet? If not, read all our fan fiction. There’s been some great ideas popping around on here. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, there have been a bunch of crazy ideas!
        It will be fun when we find out what twelve lemons really came from (at least I sure hope we get to find out) and see whose story was most like the real thing.

      • I keep thinking Twelve Lemons could be something simple, but I wonder if it is part of a bigger picture.
        AND I keep wondering what RDC stands for! Maybe something like…all I can come up with is Really Docile Criminals.

      • Ok, that was just crazy. I can’t imagine it being that, they call probably wouldn’t call themselves criminals!

  8. Oh, If you are talking about John J Horn’s third book, yes, I tried to re-write it. Every time I saw a photo that looked like my mental image of Edmund I sort of whimpered. I was so upset! I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

  9. Miss Hedgcock, on one of your earlier posts you showed pendants that had quotes from the Baker books on them that you would sell. Where can I find them?

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