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Hello friends!

Recently I came back from helping with lambing on a farm in Wales… what beautiful countryside and wonderful people 🙂 Before posting a picture on social media, I thought that I ought to let you know about my accounts so you don’t miss out on the things I post over there! Uploading pictures and updates is much easier on Instagram and Facebook than it is here, so if you have access to either of those, you may want to check out c.r.hedgcock on Instagram or C.R. Hedgcock on Facebook, and give those pages a like and follow.

Earlier this month I was sharing a few pictures from places I’ve been, and first up was London, then Spain. Oxford might be next, because Douglas Bond’s Oxford Creative Writing Masterclass starts next week and I’ll be joining the group for a day. That will be a lot of fun! (I hope it doesn’t rain 🌧 but that would make it all look more authentic, right? 🙂 )

Take care,

C. R. Hedgcock

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