July 2019 Updates

It’s been a while since my last post on here; I’m sorry for my absence! With my greater activity on Instagram and Facebook, I sometimes forget that many of you are not on those platforms.

I’ve been doing all sorts of interesting things, like:

Hammocking for the first time

Hammock 1


Building a stool in the woods from a dead-standing sycamore (with lots of help!)


Tending a fruit/vegetable garden


Meeting a Baker Family series reader and eating ice-cream, and punting in Oxford


Admiring Scarlet Pimpernels in the garden– last year I pulled most of them up as weeds before checking online what they were! They are technically weeds, but pretty enough for me to let them stay.

scarlet pimpernels

Studying for a Philosophy exam for my degree (very time-consuming and not pictured – but not as scenic as everything else!)

Now that studies are out of the way for a while, I can focus on finishing Baker 8!

Your prayers would be appreciated as I seek the Lord for continued ideas and flow that will make this adventure worth your wait.

Question: Sometimes the title of a book is one of the hardest things to nail down. Do you have alliterative title ideas for Baker 8?


12 thoughts on “July 2019 Updates

  1. How did you like hammocking? Hamocking? How would you spell that? My computer is saying that I’m spelling it wrong.
    Anyway, Super Excited for book 8! I firmly believe it will be awesome!
    (or Grr-8) (:
    What is book 8 about? I think knowing the contents of a book would be beneficial when naming it. But since it is the last book in the series why don’t you call it The Last One. LOL.
    Unless it is not the last one in which it could not be named the last one. But I feel like this one will really sum things up so how bout naming it Tying Loose Ends or Finding The Sum. I think I should probably stop now. (;

    • Haha! Finding the Sum would be great for a complex mathematical theme ๐Ÿ˜€

      There are a few loose ends that Book 8 hopes to tie up, but I’m not sure that it’s the last one in the series.

      The hammock adventure was a lot of fun, and more comfortable than I would have guessed!

  2. The scarlet pimpernels are beautiful! I am so excited about book 8! If a certain Phrase is cleared up in this book it could be the title. (Twelve Lemons) XD

  3. *sly grin* Well, if you gave us a few tidbits from the book, we might be able to come up with a good title. XD.
    So we excited and looking forward to it!!!

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