Your Questions Part 4 and Reverse Q&A!

Hello everyone! 🙂

It’s been a while since I did a Q&A post here (sorry about that). Many of you were intrigued by the idea of a reverse Q&A, where I ask you things I’m curious about. So after tackling a few of your questions, I’ll ask you some of my own!


1) Will the Predzels be in any future books?

I’m not sure yet. I haven’t planned to include them, but they may appear in a future story if they could help the main characters.


2) Did Sigurd get Gleym back?

Yes, definitely. 🙂 I love the fact that you remembered to ask about her!


3) Do we know what happened to Jigson’s parents?

Oh, I can’t wait for you to read Hunting in the Highlands! The answer is yes!


4) How much of the Hrein Orka in Iceland Intrigue is based on real science, and how much is fiction?

It’s mainly fiction … but who knows? Maybe there are principles of it that someone has yet to discover 😉


5) What is the significance of ‘Twelve Lemons’?

It’s a phrase with quite a personal meaning for Jigson and Detective Mortimer – otherwise it wouldn’t have guaranteed Jigson’s identity in Iceland Intrigue.

Is it part of a big mystery? Or is it something more innocuous? Will they spill the beans in Book 8? … Maybe!


6) When you wrote Hunting the Highlands did you plan out the whole book before you started writing?

Yes. I did make a careful plan so that the book would progress with logical structure and so I would know where the story was going – it had the potential to be quite confusing with characters splitting up and traipsing all over Scotland.

But the need to be flexible arose when I reached the end and realized that the climax was not right for the story … so a whole new ending had to be written!

Do you have burning questions for a future post? Send them via the contact page!

Now … here are my questions for you! 🙂

1. Who are your top 2 favourite male characters?

2. Who are your top 2 female characters?

3. Who is your favourite villain? (Miss Verton, Lewis Nickel, Bud Larone, Rolf/escaped convicts, Dainn, Herr Klaus, or someone else?)

4. Which is your favourite title in the series, and why?

5. Should one of the characters be in a relationship/courtship? Who and why? (I’m not promising anything by asking this 😉 I’m genuinely curious! 🙂 )

I look forward to finding out what you think! 🙂

4,679 thoughts on “Your Questions Part 4 and Reverse Q&A!

  1. I hope you like it! I don’t know why my image changed.
    Jigson stood in front of the window while he talked to Mortimer. They were sitting in Rolf’s room while they waited for him to wake up. “I’m glad that I did go into that room. Rolf might have died otherwise. Still, I’m surprised that you didn’t tell me that you had Rolf on the inside.”

    Mortimer looked up, “I didn’t.”

    Jigson turned from the window, “What?! Then what was he doing there?”

    Mortimer stood and walked over to him, “I have no idea. I was hoping to ask him when he wakes u……..” Mortimer ceased talking, for Rolf had started to stir. They waited a couple of minutes for him to fully wake up.

    Mortimer sat down next to Rolf, looked at Jigson, then turned to Rolf, “Rolf, what were you doing at the headquarters?”

    Rolf’s face turned white, “I can’t tell you.” He said shakily.

    Mortimer’s face hardened, “You can’t, or won’t?” Rolf looked at the wall. Mortimer looked at Jigson with a worried look. “Rolf, please. Tell us.”

    Rolf turned his head and looked at Mortimer, “You have to promise not to tell anyone.” Mortimer and Jigson both nodded. “I had heard a rumour about Karl’s whereabouts.”

    “Who is Karl?”

    Rolf cleared his throat, “Karl is my cousin. He is the same age as me, and we went to the glen together. When we were thirteen his father died, and he went to the funeral.” Rolf looked sad, “He disappeared after the funeral. They never found out what happened to him.”

    Mortimer’s mind was whirling, but he knew Rolf had to rest. They walked out of Rolf’s room, and down to the waiting room.

    Rolf fell asleep within a few minutes, but was soon plagued by dreams. Rolf waited outside Ceannard Lachlan’s office for Karl. When he came out he looked like he had been crying, he walked over to Rolf and sniffled. “My father is dead. I must go to his funeral.”

    Rolf’s face softened a little bit, “I’m sorry, Caraid Karl.”

    Karl looked down, then back at Rolf. “It’s not like you and your father. My father and I were close. I might not see you for a while.” They were interrupted by one of the new recruits, Cassidy Drummond, asking if they could show her the way to the training field.

    After they showed her which way it was, Rolf looked at Karl. “Caraid, what do you mean?”

    Karl looked around, “I can’t tell you. Listen, you’re my best friend. I wish there was another way, but there isn’t.” He gave Rolf a quick hug, “I have to go pack.”

    Rolf was awakened by a nurse checking on him. After she left, he thought about the last time he had been close to finding Karl. He had run right into him, but that was before he had met the Bakers. He sighed, he so missed Karl.

    • I hope y’all are alright with me making up a new character.
      I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but none of us have mentioned Phil in this fanfic.
      It’s like subconciously we still think he’s dead.XD

      • Ah!!! Great job, Heather!
        Yeah, I think the last time we mentioned the Bakers was when we were still determining if your scene of Phil dying was part of Cameron. XD
        I have to reread through what we’ve written, but I’ll try to take another scene soon!

  2. Two part scene, just because Phil needed to jump into the action:)
    Cameron rolled over, a dull pain shooting through his head. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of it. The last thing he remembered was a sweet odor and something cold touching his nose. He groaned, then forced himself into a sitting position. A barren room greeted his eyes, as well as the still form of his brother.
    He leaned his head against the wall. Fletch…
    He winced as pain stabbed through his head. They must have used a double dose.
    Fletch needed another way to set his plan into motion. But how… What route would he use next? It would have to be someone Mortimer and Jigson trusted, someone–
    Cameron’s head swirled and he braced a hand against the ground.
    He wouldn’t try the Bakers, would he?
    Cameron wearily lifted his head, his eyes drooping. That potion must be winding up for a second round.
    Was that a slit in the door?
    He shoved against the wall and rose. Then he stumbled toward the door, falling against it moments later with a heavy thud.
    “Take this.”
    A packet was pressed into his hand.
    “What is–”
    “Smelling salts.”
    Cameron fumbled to rip the package open, then inhaled. His eyes shot open and he staggered against the wall. “Wow.” He shook his head. “All right. Let me wake my brother up and you can break us out.”
    “Nein. Fletch would discover before you could even leave this level.”
    Cameron cocked his head. “Rolf Klaus?”
    A thin chuckle formed on the other side. “He always said we sounded alike, but, nein. I’m not Rolf.”
    Cameron leaned against the door. “What’s the point of keeping me awake if you aren’t going to break us out?”
    Something scraped through the slot, and Cameron ran his fingers over a gun. Another followed.
    “Tasers,” the voice said. “A gunshot will be too loud.”
    “Wake your brother. They’ll come for you within the hour.”
    A soft knock sounded against the door. Jigson opened it.
    Phil glanced over his shoulder before entering the room. Then he extended a hand to Jigson. “It’s good to see you my friend!”
    Jigson shook it, allowing a smile to slip onto his face. “But why are you here?”
    “The Detective contacted me last night. Very cryptic language, but it sounded like something was wrong with Rolf, and both of you were needed to find Garth and someone named Cameron.”
    “You’re here to stay with Rolf then?”
    Phil nodded.
    “Okay, great.” Jigson grabbed his coat and reached for the door knob, but Phil caught his hand.
    “It might be best not to exit by the front entrance. There were some guys watching me when I entered and…” Phil trailed off.
    Jigson squeezed his shoulder. “You’re not paranoid. They’re probably here for me.” He sighed. “Phil?”
    Phil lifted his head. “Yes?”
    “Pray for us. Pray that good would triumph.” Jigson shook his head. “We won’t survive without it.”

      • Well, you could be worried about Jigson and Dectective Mortimer because they always seem to run headlong into trouble.
        …And Garth and Cameron because they’re still captured.
        …And Rolf and Phil because, well, throw those two together and you’re bound to wind up with both trouble and daring actions.
        …And I guess we should still be worried about Karl because…
        *shrugs* They’re all kind of still in danger, so…

        XD. I thought it’d take longer to think of the next part, but your scene evoked some great thought:)

      • Funny thing you should ask because, while I was writing that, I was thinking, “This doesn’t sound like Phil.” *falls silent for a moment, then grins* I guess it’s up to whoever writes the next scene!

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