Your Questions Part 4 and Reverse Q&A!

Hello everyone! 🙂

It’s been a while since I did a Q&A post here (sorry about that). Many of you were intrigued by the idea of a reverse Q&A, where I ask you things I’m curious about. So after tackling a few of your questions, I’ll ask you some of my own!


1) Will the Predzels be in any future books?

I’m not sure yet. I haven’t planned to include them, but they may appear in a future story if they could help the main characters.


2) Did Sigurd get Gleym back?

Yes, definitely. 🙂 I love the fact that you remembered to ask about her!


3) Do we know what happened to Jigson’s parents?

Oh, I can’t wait for you to read Hunting in the Highlands! The answer is yes!


4) How much of the Hrein Orka in Iceland Intrigue is based on real science, and how much is fiction?

It’s mainly fiction … but who knows? Maybe there are principles of it that someone has yet to discover 😉


5) What is the significance of ‘Twelve Lemons’?

It’s a phrase with quite a personal meaning for Jigson and Detective Mortimer – otherwise it wouldn’t have guaranteed Jigson’s identity in Iceland Intrigue.

Is it part of a big mystery? Or is it something more innocuous? Will they spill the beans in Book 8? … Maybe!


6) When you wrote Hunting the Highlands did you plan out the whole book before you started writing?

Yes. I did make a careful plan so that the book would progress with logical structure and so I would know where the story was going – it had the potential to be quite confusing with characters splitting up and traipsing all over Scotland.

But the need to be flexible arose when I reached the end and realized that the climax was not right for the story … so a whole new ending had to be written!

Do you have burning questions for a future post? Send them via the contact page!

Now … here are my questions for you! 🙂

1. Who are your top 2 favourite male characters?

2. Who are your top 2 female characters?

3. Who is your favourite villain? (Miss Verton, Lewis Nickel, Bud Larone, Rolf/escaped convicts, Dainn, Herr Klaus, or someone else?)

4. Which is your favourite title in the series, and why?

5. Should one of the characters be in a relationship/courtship? Who and why? (I’m not promising anything by asking this 😉 I’m genuinely curious! 🙂 )

I look forward to finding out what you think! 🙂

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    • 1. Who are your top 2 favourite male characters?
      -Andy and Fergus. (though I almost cried when Jigson “Died”)

      2. Who are your top 2 female characters?
      -Abby and Briosa

      3. Who is your favourite villain? (Miss Verton, Lewis Nickel, Bud Larone, Rolf/escaped convicts, Dainn, Herr Klaus, or someone else?)
      -Miss Verton

      4. Which is your favourite title in the series, and why?
      -Recue in the Rockies or Hunting in the highlands. Because it has the lads in it.

      5. Should one of the characters be in a relationship/courtship? Who and why? (I’m not promising anything by asking this 😉 I’m genuinely curious! 🙂 )
      -Phil and Briosa, which your already doing. And Abby and Fergus when their old enough.

  1. I hope you like it! I don’t know why my image changed.
    Jigson stood in front of the window while he talked to Mortimer. They were sitting in Rolf’s room while they waited for him to wake up. “I’m glad that I did go into that room. Rolf might have died otherwise. Still, I’m surprised that you didn’t tell me that you had Rolf on the inside.”

    Mortimer looked up, “I didn’t.”

    Jigson turned from the window, “What?! Then what was he doing there?”

    Mortimer stood and walked over to him, “I have no idea. I was hoping to ask him when he wakes u……..” Mortimer ceased talking, for Rolf had started to stir. They waited a couple of minutes for him to fully wake up.

    Mortimer sat down next to Rolf, looked at Jigson, then turned to Rolf, “Rolf, what were you doing at the headquarters?”

    Rolf’s face turned white, “I can’t tell you.” He said shakily.

    Mortimer’s face hardened, “You can’t, or won’t?” Rolf looked at the wall. Mortimer looked at Jigson with a worried look. “Rolf, please. Tell us.”

    Rolf turned his head and looked at Mortimer, “You have to promise not to tell anyone.” Mortimer and Jigson both nodded. “I had heard a rumour about Karl’s whereabouts.”

    “Who is Karl?”

    Rolf cleared his throat, “Karl is my cousin. He is the same age as me, and we went to the glen together. When we were thirteen his father died, and he went to the funeral.” Rolf looked sad, “He disappeared after the funeral. They never found out what happened to him.”

    Mortimer’s mind was whirling, but he knew Rolf had to rest. They walked out of Rolf’s room, and down to the waiting room.

    Rolf fell asleep within a few minutes, but was soon plagued by dreams. Rolf waited outside Ceannard Lachlan’s office for Karl. When he came out he looked like he had been crying, he walked over to Rolf and sniffled. “My father is dead. I must go to his funeral.”

    Rolf’s face softened a little bit, “I’m sorry, Caraid Karl.”

    Karl looked down, then back at Rolf. “It’s not like you and your father. My father and I were close. I might not see you for a while.” They were interrupted by one of the new recruits, Cassidy Drummond, asking if they could show her the way to the training field.

    After they showed her which way it was, Rolf looked at Karl. “Caraid, what do you mean?”

    Karl looked around, “I can’t tell you. Listen, you’re my best friend. I wish there was another way, but there isn’t.” He gave Rolf a quick hug, “I have to go pack.”

    Rolf was awakened by a nurse checking on him. After she left, he thought about the last time he had been close to finding Karl. He had run right into him, but that was before he had met the Bakers. He sighed, he so missed Karl.

    • I hope y’all are alright with me making up a new character.
      I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but none of us have mentioned Phil in this fanfic.
      It’s like subconciously we still think he’s dead.XD

      • Ah!!! Great job, Heather!
        Yeah, I think the last time we mentioned the Bakers was when we were still determining if your scene of Phil dying was part of Cameron. XD
        I have to reread through what we’ve written, but I’ll try to take another scene soon!

  2. Two part scene, just because Phil needed to jump into the action:)
    Cameron rolled over, a dull pain shooting through his head. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of it. The last thing he remembered was a sweet odor and something cold touching his nose. He groaned, then forced himself into a sitting position. A barren room greeted his eyes, as well as the still form of his brother.
    He leaned his head against the wall. Fletch…
    He winced as pain stabbed through his head. They must have used a double dose.
    Fletch needed another way to set his plan into motion. But how… What route would he use next? It would have to be someone Mortimer and Jigson trusted, someone–
    Cameron’s head swirled and he braced a hand against the ground.
    He wouldn’t try the Bakers, would he?
    Cameron wearily lifted his head, his eyes drooping. That potion must be winding up for a second round.
    Was that a slit in the door?
    He shoved against the wall and rose. Then he stumbled toward the door, falling against it moments later with a heavy thud.
    “Take this.”
    A packet was pressed into his hand.
    “What is–”
    “Smelling salts.”
    Cameron fumbled to rip the package open, then inhaled. His eyes shot open and he staggered against the wall. “Wow.” He shook his head. “All right. Let me wake my brother up and you can break us out.”
    “Nein. Fletch would discover before you could even leave this level.”
    Cameron cocked his head. “Rolf Klaus?”
    A thin chuckle formed on the other side. “He always said we sounded alike, but, nein. I’m not Rolf.”
    Cameron leaned against the door. “What’s the point of keeping me awake if you aren’t going to break us out?”
    Something scraped through the slot, and Cameron ran his fingers over a gun. Another followed.
    “Tasers,” the voice said. “A gunshot will be too loud.”
    “Wake your brother. They’ll come for you within the hour.”
    A soft knock sounded against the door. Jigson opened it.
    Phil glanced over his shoulder before entering the room. Then he extended a hand to Jigson. “It’s good to see you my friend!”
    Jigson shook it, allowing a smile to slip onto his face. “But why are you here?”
    “The Detective contacted me last night. Very cryptic language, but it sounded like something was wrong with Rolf, and both of you were needed to find Garth and someone named Cameron.”
    “You’re here to stay with Rolf then?”
    Phil nodded.
    “Okay, great.” Jigson grabbed his coat and reached for the door knob, but Phil caught his hand.
    “It might be best not to exit by the front entrance. There were some guys watching me when I entered and…” Phil trailed off.
    Jigson squeezed his shoulder. “You’re not paranoid. They’re probably here for me.” He sighed. “Phil?”
    Phil lifted his head. “Yes?”
    “Pray for us. Pray that good would triumph.” Jigson shook his head. “We won’t survive without it.”

      • Well, you could be worried about Jigson and Dectective Mortimer because they always seem to run headlong into trouble.
        …And Garth and Cameron because they’re still captured.
        …And Rolf and Phil because, well, throw those two together and you’re bound to wind up with both trouble and daring actions.
        …And I guess we should still be worried about Karl because…
        *shrugs* They’re all kind of still in danger, so…

        XD. I thought it’d take longer to think of the next part, but your scene evoked some great thought:)

      • Funny thing you should ask because, while I was writing that, I was thinking, “This doesn’t sound like Phil.” *falls silent for a moment, then grins* I guess it’s up to whoever writes the next scene!

  3. Well, since you all thought Phil wasn’t Phil, that might as well be turned into a plot twist.
    ‘Phil’ glanced at the still figure on the bed, then slid a map onto the bedside table. Then he slipped out of the room. Chuckling, he pulled a cell from his pocket as he strode down the hall. He dialed a number.

    The recipient picked up after two rings. “Better be important, Devin.”

    “Fletch,” he said lightheartedly. “Jigson’s on his way out the back door. My men will bring him to headquarters.”

    “And Mortimer?”

    Devin chuckled. “Right. I’ll take care of him in a moment. The map’s delivered. Klaus will find it when he wakes.” Devin pressed the elevator button. “Oh, Fletch. I do hope there’s an extra bonus for me. It’s not anybody who can fool Jigson.”

    Devin stepped into the elevator and dialed Mortimer’s number.


    “Detective!” Devin smoothed his voice to sound like the one he’d repeatedly heard on the recording of the International Invention Competition. “Abby and Andy told me you were in England, and I heard about Millie’s kidnapping and rescue.”

    “Yes.” A sigh filtered through the phone as Devin stepped from the elevator and headed for the entrance doors. “I’m afraid things have become more complicated than what we first thought.”

    Devin allowed his brows to crease. “Any way I could help? I’m actually in England for research.”

    “You are?” The clipped British voice hesitated. “You didn’t mention that a few days ago when I was at your farm.”

    Devin bit his lip, then sighed. “I honestly forgot with everything that’s been happening.” He waited, not wanting to seem eager to switch topics.

    “Jigson is staying with Rolf, so I could use some assistance.”

    Devin slipped into his car and check his rearview mirror to make sure his makeup was still intake. “Where should I meet you?”

  4. There are ways to hack phones, right? So it doesn’t necessarily mean something happened to Phil. Though, considering how desperate these guys are, you never know. It’s up to whoever writes next.

    (Yeah, my image changed)

  5. There are ways to hack phones, right? So it doesn’t necessarily mean something happened to Phil. Though, considering how desperate these guys are, you never know. It’s up to whoever writes next:)

    (Yeah, my image changed)

  6. Here we are! I hope you enjoy!
    Jigson got into his car and called Mr. Baker, “Hello Charles, listen I need to know is Phil at home? What? He didn’t come home last night? Charles, don’t pay attention to any morse code from him. I don’t know, all I know is that Phil isn’t safe, and he’s probably in England. Alright, goodbye Charles.” He drove around the back before he left, and there were at least a dozen men lurking around. Which meant that He was correct in his assumption. ‘Phil’ wasn’t really Phil, but he had had Phil’s watch on his wrist. That meant that Phil had been robbed, or they’d taken him. Most likely the latter.


    Cameron and Garth sat on the floor, waiting for ‘them.’ Cameron spoke, “I hope Father is alright. The man said they would be coming for us within the hour. But it feels much longer than that. I just wish we could do something, instead of sitting here only being able to wait and twiddle our thumbs.”

    Garth lifted his head and opened his eyes, “You could be using the most powerful weapon you could ever have. Prayer.” Cameron stared at his brother in surprise and opened his mouth to say something, but was silenced by Garth holding up his hand. “Listen, someone’s coming.”

    Before they could get ready, the door opened and Fletch walked in. “Did you have a nice nap?” He was met with silence. “Well, I’ve brought you some companions.” He walked out, and two men were shoved into the room, the door slammed shut behind them. Garth and Cameron quickly walked to them, but they were both unconscious. Garth gasped, “It’s Phil, but this one is also Phil. That means that one of them must be Rolf.”

    Cameron smiled, “Well, we can easily find out by waking them up and asking them.” He pulled the packet of smelling salts out of his pocket and held it under the nose of the man closer to him.

    The man coughed and grimaced, “If I’d known smelling salts were that bad, I would never have given it to you.” Cameron handed the packet to Garth, so that he could wake up the other one, then he helped his man stand. Garth’s man woke with a sneeze, and Garth got it right in the face.

    Garth introduced Cameron to Phil, then asked why they were there. Phil decided to tell them what had happened to him, “For some reason I felt like I should take the scenic route home. Along the way, I saw a car on the side of the road. I stopped to see if I could help. I got out of my car, and walked toward the other car. The last thing that I remember is hearing a noise behind me, turning, then everything was black. I woke twice, the first time I think I was in an airplane. The second time, we had arrived somewhere, I don’t know where. I remember looking up, and thinking I saw Rolf. Without thinking I called out to him, then somebody hit the back of my head.”

    The other man spoke up, “That was Fletch. For some reason he takes especial joy in hitting people.” Said whilst rubbing the back of his head. “I suppose you’re waiting for me to introduce myself. My name is Karl Klaus. I will only tell you this, for now. My father was the brother to Herr Klaus, I attended the Glen until my father died. I have been fighting my uncle ever since. Why would I be fighting my uncle you might ask? I’ll tell you. He murdered my father, because he was going to tell the police the my Uncle was behind the string of jewelry thefts happening in the area. You might think that because he’s my uncle I would just, let it go. Noch nie! Er hat meinen Vater getötet und ich werde mich rächen.“

    Garth and Cameron stared at Karl in confusion, while Phil looked thoughtful. A few minutes passed before Phil wryly spoke, “Oh, great. Now I have another double.” Garth chuckled. Phil looked like he was about to say something, but then he tilted his head as if he was listening to something. After a few minutes, he reached for the side of his neck and started tapping. Garth looked concerned, “Phil, are you alright?”

    Phil continued tapping the side of his neck while he spoke, “I’m fine. Father is contacting me, my watch was taken when I was kidnapped. This is a secure line, only Father has a device to connect to mine.” Garth looked even more confused.

    “But, where is it?”

    Phil ceased tapping, and looked up with a smile. “Just under the skin on the side of my neck. All I have to do is tap where the button is, and Father will receive my message within minutes. I’ve told him that I’m a prisoner, and that I’m with Garth, and two new friends.”

  7. I felt like I needed to explain a little.
    Phil leaned against the wall while he spoke, “Father decided that we needed secure devices in case our other ones got stolen from us. The Detective gave us the contact information for a doctor that he trusted. We decided that we should test it before installing them in the rest of the family. We were supposed to test when I got home last night. But as you can see, that didn’t happen. So, what just happened was the first test.”

    Garth, Cameron, and Karl all stared at him in amazement. Karl spoke, “So, you have a Morse-Code device in your neck? And you can talk to your Father back in the U.S.?” Phil nodded. “Incredible.”

  8. First piece! Several more to come. (This is what happens when you have a sink full of dishes and an imagination)
    Karl stood up, “Did you feel something?”

    Phil looked up in surprise, “You felt that? Father is just checking in with me. Maybe it’s because you were sitting next to me. Wait.” He listened to the device for a minute, then exclaimed, “Oh no!”

    Garth and Cameron were instantly on their feet. Garth spoke first, “What’s wrong?”

    Phil finished sending a response to his Father, “Father says that the Detective is missing. And his tracker isn’t emitting any signal.”

    Cameron sighed, “I guess that means that we can expect his company soon.” They all suddenly became alert as sounds filtered through the door. Earlier Garth and Cameron had told Phil about the tasers that Karl had given them, and they had come up with a plan. They all got in their positions and waited.

    A couple of minutes passed before the door started to open, once the door was open all the way, it became clear that there was just one man. Phil and Karl jumped him, and wrestled him to the ground. “Get off me, you fools!”

    Garth and Cameron hurriedly pulled them off of the man, it was their father. “Dad! What are you doing here?”

    Phil stood with a puzzled look on his face, “Did you both just say dad at the same time? This is Detective Clement Gray.”

    Garth smiled a small smile, “Yes. Phil, I didn’t fully introduce you to Cameron. He is my elder brother by three years. And this is our Father.”

    Clement spoke, “We can’t waste any time. It won’t be long before they discover that the guards are down. We have to go.”

    They hurried down the hall, which led into a large room. Phil looked around, “Where are we?”

    Karl answered, “We’re in a warehouse outside of London.”

    The warehouse soon erupted in noise as guards rushed into the room and down adjoining hallways. Garth started to look worried. Soon their position was surrounded by guards. Fletch and Bane walked in and walked to ten feet away from where they were hiding. “Come out. We know you’re there.”

    Garth, Cameron, Clement, Phil, and Karl all stood with their hands in the air. Fletch smiled, “I was expecting a little more resistance.”

    Karl smiled back, “Well, unlike you, we’re smart. We know when the stakes are against us.”

    Fletch smiled, “Come on Clement.” Clement put his hands down and walked over to stand by Fletch and Bane.

    Garth looked up, “What? Dad? You’re with them?”

    Clement looked at Garth, “Son, there’s still a chance for you. For you to join us.”

    Garth looked down, “Never.”

    Fletch looked around, “Well I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting rather bored of this conversation. Guards, take these three back to their cell. Bring the american to the room.”

    Garth looked up just as a guard brought the butt of his rifle down on Phil’s neck. Phil dropped like a sack. The guards quickly dragged him away, down another corridor. “What are you going to do to him?” Fletch just looked at them coldly for a minute, then followed the guards with Phil down the hall. Clement and Bane followed him. The guards escorted them back to their cell.

  9. Part two!
    Karl sat next to Phil, and every now and then checked on him. Garth stood by the door waiting for them to bring Cameron back. Karl looked up as Phil moaned, “Garth! He’s awake.”

    Garth hurried over and kneeled next to him, “Phil, are you alright? How do you feel?”

    Phil groaned, “My neck really hurts. And…Wait, where’s Cameron?”

    Garth sighed, “I don’t know. After they took you, they escorted us back to this room. Soon after, they came and took Cameron away.”

    Karl examined Phil, “I don’t have much medical training, so don’t sue me if I’m wrong. It doesn’t look like you have any broken bones, though it does look like you took a beating. They told us not to remove the bandages on your neck, but I just wanted to see what was there. Once I was done, I did my best to replace them.”

    Phil winced, “They were trying to get me to tell them where Jigson might go to hide. Only thing is, I have no clue.” He sat still for a few minutes, then looked at Karl. “Did you say there are bandages on my neck?” Karl nodded. “Which side?” Karl pointed to the right side of his neck. Phil groaned, “What did you see underneath the bandages?”

    Karl frowned, “Stitches. Why?”

    Phil sighed, “Somehow they found out about my device, and removed it. That explains why it hurts so much, and why I feel so tired.”

    Garth was about to say something when the door opened, and a guard appeared in the door way. “Come. My leader wishes to see you. All of you.”

    Garth and Karl helped Phil stand, then he leaned on them to walk down the hall. They entered the large room, and in the middle was a round table. Fletch and Clement were sitting at it. The guard told them to sit down. Garth and Karl helped Phil sit down, then sat down on either side of him.

    Fletch looked at Phil and held up something small. It was the morse code device. Fletch spoke, “How are you feeling Phil? Your neck doesn’t hurt too much I hope.”

    Phil, with some effort, replied, “It hurts a good deal. You didn’t seem so concerned about whether or not it hurt when you interrogated me.”

    Fletch laughed, “You are very clever. I’m glad it doesn’t hurt too much.”

    Phil sighed, “How did you find out about it?”

    Fletch smiled, “You will find out in good time.”

    Garth couldn’t stand it any longer. He looked at his father, “Where is Cameron?” Silence met him. “Where is my brother?!”

    Fletch looked at Clement, who nodded. “Phil, you asked how we knew about the device in your neck. Garth, you want to know where your brother is. Both questions can be answered simultaneously. Cameron, you can come out now.” Phil, Karl, and Garth all looked to the corridor that Fletch spoke towards. Slowly emerging from the hallway was……Cameron. He moved forward and sat next to his father, looking down the while time.

    Garth was speechless. Phil cleared his throat, “How long has he been on your side?”

    Clement smiled, “Oh we’ve both been on their side from before the beginning. Everything was carefully planned out, from your chance meeting with Cameron, Phil. All the way to him getting caught.” The only thing we didn’t count on, was Klaus. Both of them.”

    Karl looked up, “My cousin was here?”

    “Yes, now we know why, you were working together. But we caught him before he could contact you.”

    Garth looked up at Cameron with tears in his eyes, “How could you?”

    Cameron looked at his brother with a sad look on his face, “I’m sorry brother. I’m also sorry you won’t join us.”

    Garth tried to blink back the tears, not succeeding. Fletch ordered the guard to take them back to their cell. Garth and Karl helped Phil back to their ‘suite.’

  10. Part Three! I have another one after this. (WARNING! Shari spoiler ahead!)
    Mortimer and Jigson stood in front of the chair that Devin was tied to. Mortimer spoke again, “For the last time where is Phil and what is this map?!”

    Devin smiled, “Philip is with your other friends. As for that map, you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.”

    “When you say ‘your other friends,’ you mean Garth and Cameron, don’t you?” Jigson said. Devin slowly nodded. Jigson and Mortimer walked out of the room into the hall.

    Mortimer looked through the one-way mirror at Devin, who was staring at it. “Do you think he’s telling the truth about Phil?”

    Jigson frowned, “Possibly. I hope Phil is alright. I’m going to see how Rolf feels.” After waiting a few hours, Jigson had gone back to the hospital and gotten Rolf. He had found him looking at a map. Rolf said that it was on the bedside table when he woke up. They had asked for his room to be guarded for his safety, so there were cameras in his room. Once they checked the cameras, they knew that Devin had put it there.

    Jigson entered Rolf’s room and was surprised to see him sitting in a chair reading. “Well, you’re obviously feeling better.”

    Rolf looked up from his book, “Hallo. Ja, I’m feeling a lot better. Do I look any better?”

    Jigson shook his head, “No. You’d probably win best zombie award for Halloween.”

    Rolf laugh, then looked down, “Do you know anything about Phil yet?”

    Jigson sighed, “I was worried you were going to ask that. No. No we don’t know anything about Phil yet.”

    Rolf stood up, “Well, I guess I’ll just keep praying.”

    Jigson nodded and left the room. Mortimer walked past as Jigson came out of Rolf’s room and he was limping. Jigson followed him, “Mortimer are you alright?”

    Mortimer jumped, “Oh, it’s you. Yeah I’m fine. My leg is acting up on me.”

    Jigson stopped, “Mortimer, I know that when your leg acts up all you can think about is Chris.” Mortimer looked down. “Listen to me. It wasn’t your fault.”

    Mortimer turned and looked at Jigson, revealing a tear-stained face. “If I’d come sooner he wouldn’t have died. But because I had a broken leg, I didn’t get out of the hospital in time.”

    Jigson looked up then at Mortimer, “Listen, it wasn’t your fault. Trust me, I know about feeling guilty about someone dying. Come on, we need to g……where’s your watch Mortimer?”

    Mortimer looked down at his wrist, the watch was gone. “I don’t know. Maybe I dropped it somewhere.”

    Jigson’s eyebrows creased, “I know you. You wouldn’t be so careless.”

    Mortimer frowned, “Well, the only other thing that could have happened is, I could have forgotten to put it on this morning.” His face turned hard. “Unless..” He turned and walked back down the hall to Devin’s room. He opened the door and entered, with Jigson close behind. Devin was still in the same chair as he was when they left.

    Devin smiled upon seeing them, “Back so soon?”

    Mortimer looked him straight in the eye, “What did you do with my watch?”

    Devin laughed, “Oh, that. It’s about time you realized it was gone. I had removed it from your person and destroyed it. A couple more minutes and you would have been on your way to be with Philip.” He looked in Jigson’s direction. “But then he had to show up, and ruin everything.”

  11. My last part of a very long part. *was crying while typing*
    Cameron sat on the side of his bed, thinking. I can’t believe what I’ve done! It was so good to be with Garth again. But then Dad had to go and turn it all around. All that faking. He’d been on the verge of telling Garth several times, but had stopped himself just in time. Now he was struggling more than ever. He had to help them! He would. His mind made up, he exited his room.


    Phil and Karl sat talking in low tones, Garth had fallen asleep a few hours ago. They both stood up when some one knocked on the door. Phil and Karl looked at each other, and nodded. Karl got ready beside the door, while Phil stood behind it ready to yank it open. “Who is it?”

    “It’s Cameron. Listen, I know that I’m probably the last person that you want to see. Please, let me come in.”

    Phil quickly woke Garth, and told him who was at the door. Garth said for Cameron to come in. As Cameron started to push the door open, Phil yanked it open. Karl grabbed Cameron in a headlock and pulled him in. Phil quickly closed the door.

    Garth eyed his brother, “What do you want?”

    Cameron looked down “I know you can’t trust me right now, but will this help you trust me.” He held something up.

    Phil grabbed it, and examined it. “Yes. This is it. The device. Why did you bring it to us?”

    Cameron smiled, “You can’t very well let them keep it when you get out of here. I’m going to help you escape.”

    Phil, Garth, and Karl all looked at each other, then at Cameron. Phil spoke, “Will you come with us?”

    Cameron looked down, “I don’t know. But I will be able to get you to a truck, which you will be able to use to get out of here.”

    They looked at each other again, and then Garth spoke. “You have to come with us. That is how we will know that we can trust you.”

    Cameron nodded, “Alright. I will come with you. But we need to hurry.”

    They gathered what things they had and needed, and left. Cameron led them down a hallway that they hadn’t noticed before. It led outside of the building where a truck was. Phil was in the driver seat trying to start it, Karl and Garth were in the back, and Cameron was about to climb in when a voice rang out behind them.

    “Cameron! What are you doing?”

    It was Clement. Cameron turned to face his father, and spoke. “Come with us Dad. There’s still a chance for you to change.”

    Clement smirked, “Change? I already have changed. For the better!” He pulled a gun out of a shoulder holster and pointed it at the tires of the truck. “If you don’t stop, I will be forced to shoot.”

    Cameron glanced at Phil, who gave a thumbs up. That meant that he was ready to turn on the truck at a moments notice. Cameron looked back at his father, “Never! Phil go!”

    Phil gunned the engine and Cameron turned and jumped into the back of the truck. Three shots rang out behind them, but they were already too far away. He missed.

    Cameron stood against the wall of the truck, looking pale. Garth spoke, “I’m glad he missed. I didn’t know that Dad was such a bad aim.”

    Cameron looked up, panting. “He didn’t miss.” He collapsed onto the floor of the truck, and started coughing up blood.

    Karl rushed to him, rolled him over. Two of the shots had hit their mark. Karl hurried to try and stop the bleeding. Garth held up his brothers head, lest he black out.

    Cameron looked up at Garth, “I’m sorry. I’ve been sorry, ever since the day you went missing.”

    Garth shook his head, “No. No, you’re going to be alright.”

    Cameron shook his head, “Dad knew right where to hit me. I’m sorry. I love yo……” Cameron’s hand dropped from Garth’s. Karl quickly checked his pulse, then shook his head.

    Garth stared at his brother in shock, “No. No! Cameron come back, please come back.”

    Karl took Garth’s hand, “He’s gone, Garth. There’s nothing we can do.”

    Phil, unaware of what was going on in the back of the truck, spoke. “Father gave me the coordinates that Jigson sent to him, we should be there in about thirty minutes.”


    Mortimer walked cautiously to the front door, and looked through the peephole. He yanked the door open, “Phil! Where are Garth and Cameron, and that other young man that your father told us about?”

    Phil sighed, “They’re coming.”

    Mortimer frowned, “Oh. Good.” Then Mortimer noticed the blood on Phil’s arm. “Phil! You’ve been hit!”

    Phil shook his head, “I’m alright. It’s Cameron who was hit bad.”

    Garth and Karl appeared carrying Cameron’s body between them. Mortimer gasped, “I’ll call a doctor right away!”

    Garth shook his head, “It won’t do any good. He’s gone.”

    Mortimer let them in, and directed them underground. He showed them to a room where they could place Cameron’s body. A couple of minutes later Phil collapsed from loss of blood. Mortimer quickly called a doctor, and they put him in the room next to Rolf’s. Karl asked where Rolf was and was shown to his room.

    Karl entered the room, and Rolf looked up. “Phil! You’re alright.” Rolf stood and hugged him.

    Karl stood awkwardly, “I’m not Phil. Es ist lange her. Etwa sechs oder sieben Jahre.”

    Rolf stood back and gasped, “Karl? Karl bist du wirklich?”

    Karl nodded, “Ja, Ich habe dir viel zu sagen.”

    Rolf walked forward, “Aber wo ist Phil?”

    Karl jerked his head to the right, “Im nächsten Raum vorbei.”

    Rolf started to go out the door, but he stopped and turned to Karl. “Danke dir Karl.”

    Rolf exited his room just as the doctor came out of Phil’s room. Mortimer, and Jigson were both waiting outside. The doctor spoke, “Phil will be alright. He just needs rest. He is asleep now.”

    • Karl and Rolf’s conversation in english.
      Karl stood awkwardly, “I’m not Phil. It’s been a long time. About six or seven years.”
      Rolf stood back and gasped, “Karl? Karl is it really you?”
      Karl nodded, “Yes. I have a lot to tell you.”
      Rolf walked forward, “But, where is Phil?”
      Karl jerked his head to the right, “In the next room over.”
      Rolf started to go out the door, but he stopped and turned to Karl. “Thank you, Karl.”

      • Oh, I wish it were true! But Garth, Karl, and Phil all witnessed it happen, he was no longer breathing, and he had no pulse… 😭*is frantically trying to find a solution* There has to be a way!

      • Is everyone okay if I take the next one? I have an idea. (And yes, it has to do with Cameron not being dead.)

      • …this feels like the all-to-familiar cliche which revolves around dead characters.

        #LetDeadCharactersLie (Maybe Cameron wrote a letter or something before he broke Garth, Phil, and Karl out, just in case something happened.)

    • Heather please go ahead! I’m *not* a fan of the kill-the-main-character cliche (no offense, Kenleaf). I did however find a completely logical and possible medical way to keep Cameron alive. It’s called Lazarus Syndrome, you should look it up 😉

      • I didn’t know killing the main character was a cliche… XD. I thought it was just “kill” the main character, and then, after the audience has wept and mourned their death, tell them the character actually survived.

        Sorry. Writer opinions. XD.

        Looking forward to it, Heather!

      • Really, Heather, you take it:) I’ve loved what you’ve written so far! XD. If I wrote it, Cameron would still be dead, but would have written a note to Mortimer (which he was going to give to Garth, but then Garth had insisted he escape with them). And I don’t think people want him dead, so… 🙂

  12. Jubilee and Heather, I’m looking back at my comments and am realizing the wording I used could have been taken offensively. Just want to let you know it wasn’t my intention. Unfortunately, joking and sarcasm don’t carry well through written word:)

    • Kenleaf, I don’t think it came across anyway, but it could have maybe to the others. 😉

      I totally understand the coming across as offensive in words though.

    • I totally understand. I did’t take anything offensively 😉 In fact, I’m more worried I came across that way!

      Btw, I absolutely love the way you handle things on here. You’re always so kind and supportive, and when there’s been an argument or misunderstanding, you always manage to resolve things in a way that doesn’t make anyone feel misunderstood. I just want to say thank you! ❤️

    • Thanks Kenleaf! It did not come across as offensive in any way!!! My family is full of jokesters and we are sarcastic alot.

  13. Next part of ‘Shari’! One more coming.
    Mortimer opened his eyes and looked at Phil, who had been staying at the hospital while Mortimer was there. He was asleep. Mortimer sighed, how Phil was able to sleep in that chair he’d never know. It had almost been a week since the accident and Mortimer was getting out of the hospital in a couple of days. Mortimer reached for his crutches and stood. He walked over to the window, there was a tiny bit of light visible on the horizon. Good, that meant that morning was only a few hours away. Chris had been visiting constantly in the last week, and they had begun to reforge their bond. Mortimer smiled, the sooner he went to sleep the sooner it would be tomorrow. And then school would be out sooner. Once he was back in bed, he fell asleep almost instantly.

    A few hours later Phil woke and was pleased to see that the Detective was sleeping. He stretched and then went down to the cafeteria for some brekkers. On the way back up to the Detective’s room, his phone rang. He balanced the tray of food on one hand, and answered his phone with the other. It was Lizzie. “Hello?”

    Lizzie spoke quickly, with a sense of panic in her voice. “Phil, it’s Chris. He’s been kidnapped. He was on the bus on his way to school, when some men in a car pulled in front of the bus, forcing the driver to stop. They forced their way onto the bus, grabbed Chris, and left.”

    Phil blinked, “He was probably kidnapped to get to the Detective. Hey Lizzie, can I call you back in a couple of minutes? Alright, goodbye.” He reached the floor that the Detective’s room was on, and as he approached it, a man emerged, and ran the other direction. Phil shouted after him, then ran into the room. The Detective was sitting up in his bed holding a pistol. He lowered it when he saw Phil.

    “Phil. Did you see him?”

    Phil nodded, “He got away.”

    Mortimer got out of bed, “Well he didn’t exactly do anything wrong. I woke to see him leaning over me. I pulled my gun out from under my pillow, and told him to back up. He turned and ran. I think he dropped something on his way out.”

    Before Phil could stop him, Mortimer had bent down and picked a piece of paper up from the floor. He read it, then looked up at Phil. He handed it to Phil. Phil quickly read it. It read, “If you want to see Chris alive again, come to where we had our last stand.” It was signed “Your ever loving cuz.”

    Phil looked up, “You have a cousin too?”

    Mortimer sighed, “No, I don’t. He just always called me cuz. It got on my nerves and he knew it. I caught him around the same time Chris was born. He was sentenced to thirty years, and it appears he has escaped prison. He probably fancies revenge.”

    Phil frowned, “You don’t sound very concerned about Chris.”

    Mortimer smiled, “Though he may be a criminal, Joe isn’t a killer. Chris should be fine.” After a moment Mortimer looked at Phil, “Phil, can you check and see when the next flight to Omaha, Nebraska is?”

    Phil was able to book flights that left the next day. Once they arrived in Omaha they went to the FBI office, where they were briefed on what was going on. They were told that Mortimer would go to the meeting place tomorrow.

  14. For those of you who liked ‘Beyond The Mask’, I HIGHLY recommend ‘The Redemption of Henry Myers’. It is older than ‘Beyond The Mask’, and has some actors from other christian movies. It is a western, and is an amazing movie.

  15. Okay, I needed a little bit of closure on Cameron’s death. I was going to let someone else write it, but time’s elapsed since the last post and life does happen:)
    Garth sank to the floor, his brain shattered, his heart torn. Dead. The word swept through his mind. My brother is dead. Sobs racked his body, and he let them flow freely.
    Not bothering to wipe away the tears pouring down his cheeks, Garth glanced up. Jigson hesitated at the door.
    Garth stared numbly at him, unsure if those were tears glistening on Jigson’s cheeks or the ones obscuring his own vision. “Yes?”
    Jigson held out an envelope. “I found this in the back of the truck where–” His voice broke.
    Garth continued to stare, his mind not processing. “What?”
    “It’s…Cameron’s handwriting,” Jigson managed.
    The name ‘Cameron’ cleared a fraction of Garth’s mind to think.
    “It’s addressed to you.”
    Garth shoved upward, struggling to gain his feet. A headache clamped his forehead, and he staggered for support against the wall. He sniffled. Congestion. Slowly, he extended his hand and accepted the letter, then sank against the wall again after Jigson left. Garth slid his forefinger beneath the lip and slit the envelope open. A single sheet of paper. He opened it, Cameron’s flowing handwriting captured perfectly with blue ink.

    I’m sorry – even more so if you all don’t make it out. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, maybe even end like this. Dad apparently has a few more twists and turns than either of us thought, though he’s still redeemable – at least, I hope so, believe so. That’s why I did what I did. Just like Paul in the Bible, I guess. He acted like a Jew or Gentile depending on who he was with so he could reach them, right? Maybe I’m thinking of something else – or maybe I did it wrong. I needed to stay.

    Garth choked, remembering how they had forced Cameron to come. Was it their fault? His fault for his brother’s death?

    Whatever happens, I’m sorry I hurt you, sorry I hurt other people. I’ll sort this out someway or another. I won’t let the RDC go through with this. The Last Stand won’t happen.
    Tell Mortimer I’m sorry, that I

    The next words started a new paragraph, fresh with an indentation.

    I forgive him. This grudge has long tore me apart, but I can’t blame him for everything that happened. Parts, maybe, but I forgive him. Tell him thank you for everything: for watching out for me, teaching me, getting on my nerves simply because doing so would result in my best. I admire him. He was a father when I didn’t have one – a great father.
    I’ll see you soon, Garth. If I make it out, we’ll catch up over coffee or something, talk things out like we used to before…everything. You decide the place. You forced me to decide enough when we were younger.
    Like anytime before: Don’t die. Stay safe.
    And God bless.

    • Waaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Why you make me cry like baby? I am amazed that computer still work after all that wet! Really good Kenleaf! I had had an idea, but it just wasn’t playing out.

      • Sorry? Maybe? I mean, it was /supposed/ to be emotional, so I’m not too sorry that it achieved that effect. *winks*
        They still have to take down the RDC, if you’re up for writing more:)

    • Kenleaf! That is, sooooooo good! Thanks for wrapping it up a bit 🙂
      It’s sad that Cam had to do. I quite liked him! And since I named him, well, yeah. XD
      Someday when you get a book published, share it on here, I need to read it 🙂

      • XD. Yeah, I suppose you have a good reason to have liked him. XD. Are you up for writing the next scene?

        Wow, totally made my day. I don’t have any books that close to completion, but am working on launching a blog – sometime soon hopefully. I’ll let you know when;)

      • 🙂 well, I’ll give it some thought, though I’m not sure what could come next.

        Oh, good for you! Yeah, please let me know. I definitely will check it out.

  16. Jigson leaned with his palms on the table. “We still need to figure out how to deal with this RDC threat. Sooner or later, that map is going to fall into a government official’s hands – and they will demand action.”

    “Cam believed these bombs are only the RDC’s plan to eliminate agents.” Garth ran a hand through his hair with a sigh, then propped his elbows on the table. “It was a hypothesis though. We couldn’t find a scrap of evidence either way.”

    Garth glanced at Mortimer sitting across the table from him and waited for him to add. Mortimer stared at the table, eyes locked in one spot.

    Garth frowned and turned to Jigson with a tip of his head. Jigson gave a slight nod, then lead the way from the room. Once they were out of Mortimer’s earshot, Garth sagged against a doorframe. “Truth be told, I’m not thinking like I should be either, not with everything that’s happened.”

    Jigson sighed. “You think I should contact others to help us out.”

    Garth shoved off the doorframe with a shake of his head. “I’m not saying one way or another. You’re probably the most clear headed of us all.” He froze, then glanced at Jigson. His voice softened. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

    Jigson laid a hand on Garth’s shoulder. “I know you didn’t. Now, if I was going to contact someone, did you have someone in mind?”

    “Don’t you have a contact that was–” Garth tilted his head back against the wall. “Not in the RDC, but in a leadership position at– Did you call it “The Glen” before?”

    “Alastair McGregor.”

    Garth nodded. “It sounds right, but I thought you said there was a trio.”

    “Cassidy Drummond and Fergus Fletcher.”

    Garth flinched, and Jigson noted it. “Are you thinking there might be a relation between Fergus and Fletch?”

    Garth expelled a breath. “I’m willing to think almost anything right now.”


    Garth looked up as Jigson tapped on the doorframe of his room. Jigson tossed him a thumbdrive. He caught it one-handed.

    “Alastair just sent this to me. It’s a digital file entitled ‘The Last Stand’ which he secretly copied while at the Glen. It’s encrypted and damaged, but he got a brief look at the physical copy they had on file. He said detailed some of what you and Cameron guessed, and ended with the words ‘Should we fall, the world will also be rid of its best fighting force.’”

    Garth frowned, then flung himself from the bed. “Then we better get brainstorming. When will he and the other two arrive?”

  17. Guys, washing dishes and having an imagination is dangerous!
    What if, in Iceland Intrigue, when the chair swivels around it’s not Dainn but, *inserts drumroll* Detective Mortimer Jones!!!!

  18. Hey if anyone who was blowing up this page is still checking it, I have something to tell you. I got baptized last night.

  19. Hey guys! I just thought I’d check in to see how everyone’s been doing this year? Also, BAKER BOOK 8 IS HERE!! I’m so excited.

  20. Hey so if anyone still checks this, I’d love to chat with any of y’all. We had some great times here. Y’all were my first real internet experience and it was amazing. I keep you in my prayers.

    • Hello Heather. I wasn’t a part of that experience but I know a lot about it. My sister Mandalynn has told us much and I wish we still did this…… now we’re all grown up, working, busy, and married. It’s sad but exciting to think of how we have all changed so.

      • Yeah, that was a fun time! It’s crazy to think we’re all grown up, starting families, working jobs, and all that!

    • I just started reading the BFA series to my little brother and was reminded of all the good times we had on here XD XD XD
      I’m a little late to the party (and I’m not sure if anyone still reads this…) but I am certainly interested in chatting with you all again!!!

    • I know I’m a little (a lot) late to the party…but I had this crazy thought to come back and check if anyone was still on here. I am pleasantly surprised! I had a hysterical (embarrassing?) time going through all of our old comments XD I have such fon memories of this place and I want to say you guys are awesome.

      Heather, I would love to chat. I miss talking with ya’ll!

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